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For Cross-Cultural Practioners In Business


Many governments are hostile to cross-cultural workers. As an example, in recent years, one North African country ousted dozens of cross-cultural workers who couldn't prove that they ran legitimate businesses. Those running profitable businesses were allowed to stay.​ You might be strong in your cross-cultural work, but unless you can build a thriving business in a foreign culture, your work is at risk.
(Note: for security reasons, you will need a letter of reference or introduction before we initiate a conversation.)


  • Foundational Questions
  • Market Dominating Position & USP
  • Strategy
  • Trust, Expertise, Education
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Leads (free download)
  • Alliances & Joint Ventures 
  • Referral Systems
  • Internet Marketing
  • Publicity & PR
  • Direct Mail
  • Advertising
  • ​Compelling Offer

Are you STRONG as a cross-cultural worker but WEAK as a business person?


We come to you!

No matter where you operate your business or attend a retreat, we can offer training sessions from 1 day to 2 weeks. 

We can "dive deep" into any (or all) of the 25 major areas listed above with a custom-built training that serves the needs of your business or organization.

Training sessions are "in-the-trenches", practical, results-driven, and culturally sensitive.

We offer BUSINESS BUILDING and PROFIT OPTIMIZATION tools and training so you can be strong at Business in your Mission!

Helping people grow their businesses is a perfect way to impact their lives on a deeper level. Perhaps you would like to serve in a restricted country as a business coach or consultant.

With an annual or monthly license, you will have unlimited access to the full version of the software. We can white label it with your brand, give you full training, and show you the actual steps it takes to grow a business growth consultancy or coaching business in another country.

We understand that growing a business can be HARD! For that reason, we operate on a hybrid coaching/consulting model. We don't just come alongside of you and "hold your hand" and encourage you, we give you the exact steps to take to grow your business, we make the steps as easy as possible, and we walk the journey with you. 

We also understand your mission. With MAs in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College Graduate School (special emphasis in Muslim Studies and ESL), an MBA in International Business from Regent University (Virginia, USA), and 14 years of BAM experience in Asia and Africa, we understand that building a business in many countries is a challenging task that requires great sensitivity within a local culture.



  • Sales Team
    a) General Questions
    b) Sales Manager
    c) Compensation
    d) Superstars
    e) Training
    f) Prospecting and Lists
    g) Dream Clients
    h) Trade Shows
    i) Dealing with Decision Makers
    j) Closing the Sale
    k) Order Fulfillment
    l) Buyer’s Remorse



  • Sripts
  • Initial Close Rate
  • Follow-up Close Rate
  • More Appointments
  • Down-sell
  • Back end
  • Reactivate Former Customers
  • Increase Frequency of Purchases
  • Increase Price
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell
  • Increase Longevity of the Buying Relationship
  • Cut Costs (with 12 Sub-sections)

(We love partnerships!)

Let us know how we can help you build your BAM!

Many Cross-Cultural Workers and Agencies Face a Problem 

Using proprietary software that we've created, we can conduct a full profit assessment on ANY business in ANY country. The results of the assessment will tell you:

  • the exact steps to take to grow your business,
  • the order in which you should implement,
  • what you should do in each step, and
  • the monetary impact of each step you take.

Assessments can normally be done from a distance, saving you time and money.

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